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Friday, February 5, 2010

(Updated Febraury 8, 2010) CARDS, CARDS AND MORE CARDS!!

WOW, I have been making cards, cards and more cards. I am NOT happy with the photography results, there seems to be glue spots that show in the photos that do not show on the card in hand. Here are 24 of the latest but I cannot believe I am typing this, there is still more to photograph.  Tomorrow I am going to take pics out in the sunlight and see if that helps. I'm not very pleased with several of these anyway as they were made in a bit of a rush.  Oh well, as with everything in my life, I am a work in progress and so is my card making skills, I consider myself a life long learner! :)  I hope you enjoy looking just the same!

I really am loving purple this month. This is a digi stamp colored with my new prismacolor markers that my DH/BFF got me for Christmas, I am TOTALLY ADDICTED to them! 


I especially loved this digi as we have these same Morning Glory's in the pool area and they are this same color.


I absolutely LOVE Michelle Perkett's Digital Stamps, they are gorgeous even before colored.  Here is one of several I got recently.

OK, let's be honest, I need Michelle Perkett Digi Stamp counseling!!  Again, the glue shows in photo behind the stars but does not show with card in hand.

This is a Romance Rubber Stamp, another company I REALLY love, as soon as my store is up and running I will carry these they are gorgeous, girlie and VERY affordable.   I made the mistake of stamping onto Metallic White paper, NOT IDEAL for markers!

Another Michelle Perkett Digi Stamp.  This card is actually a mistake as the frames are crooked on the card, but the stamp is still gorgeous so I will donate this one to a friend or family member, or most likely disassemble and re-do the card!

This card is actually very pretty in person, it is a Navy, dotted texture cardstock with a mustard frame to match the mustard in the planter.

This card is very bright and very pretty!!

This card was a lot of fun to make, I do not use this blue very often and it's not a typical color for Valentines Day. One of my goals this year is to get away from the plain look and think out of the box a little more, more creativity.

This is another one I really enjoyed making, especially the coloring. Who doesn't love Fresh Flowers? :)

This will obviously be a re-do, another Romance Rubber Stamp, I made this for one of my best friends in KY, Tina, but the glue behind the rhinestones is a bit messy for my satisfaction , just thought I would share attempt #1, stay tuned for the re-do! LOL

I loved doing this one really like the colors.

What a great Easter Card. This was so much fun to color.

My FAVORITE Michelle Perkett Stamp yet, isn't she awesome, I Just LOVE, LOVE her Digital Stamps, so MUCH detail in her art. It's hard to see from the photo but the Red Dots in her hair are red rhinestones.

Wha can I say, this stamp is just adorable!

I hope I can get some HONEST feedback on this idea I have. One of my other passions is photography and I would like to do a line of cards from some of that photography. This is actually the beach at Big Sur in CA, I just loved the stones on the sand. This photo doesn't really show how pretty the real photo is in person.

OK, since Tina's favorite color IS purple, this might be a good backup card for her BD. Mine is the 26th of Feb and hers is the 25th so I am running out of time on her re-do above, LOL

This was FUN. I used my clear embossing powder on the frosting part of the cupcake, then I used my gorgeous Red Stickles as well. I enjoyed shading and coloring this stamp as well.

I made this one for my Mother, she has seen the card but has no idea i's for her, that in itself is fun, :). I enjoyed making this as I loved having a card I could use my Black buttons on.

This is a GREAT guy card and is so much prettier in person, I have fixed the circles around the black embellishment stones. his photo doesn't do the colors justice. It's really quite pretty.

 This card is adorable, she and her brother are as cute as hey can be, I LOVED coloring this stamp. I am so ashamed that I do not remember where I got these stamps, I can take the constructive criticism so if anyone knows, please advise so I can give the proper credit. I honestly think I have close to 1000 or more digi stamps.

Another non-traditional colored Valentines/LOVE card. I made my own background with this card, that was fun.

I may have shown this one before, his is another hand made background, I enjoy doing that as it allows me to use ART and be a little more creative.

He was fun, isn't he adorable, he is the brother to the little cutie above with the dog.

Thanks so much for looking and please leave me your comments, They mean so much to me and I really respect your feedback, opinions and even instruction at times. Have a great Superbowl weekend!! 


  1. These cards are great. I really love the one with the flowered skirt and the photo one. Awesome job!

  2. All your cards are wonderful. I love them all.

  3. What a lovely batch of cards you have shared!
    A great variety and something everyone would like - you pack a great 24! Diann

  4. Wonderful cards, Melinda! I especially love your coloring!

  5. Oh Melinda...I absolutely LOVE your cards!!!! They are so FUN!!! It's giving me the bug to want to color today!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your creations ma'am!!!

  6. What darling cards. Each and every one is so different. You've been working!


  7. OH WOW, Melinda !! What FABULOUS cards....LOVE them!!

  8. Hi Melinda just popped by to say thank you for visiting my blog and the lovely comment you left me. I wanted to come see you as well and my word what a wonderful selection of cards they are quite beautiful I do so love your colouring

    Lorraine x

  9. Your cards are so beautiful! You should consider selling them to a local or chain store to see about having your unique line of cards availible for purchase. I just love your detailing work and your use of color and elements. Would love to see more of friendship cards, just because cards, and maybe some for men/husbands! All in all, stunning work! Thank you for sharing!