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I am 45 YO, am married to my VERY Best friend. My husband is my support and inspiration. We have 7 beautiful kids, all grown and on their own except the youngest two boys who are both 15. I have loved Art my entire life. As a person, I consider myself to be a lifelong learner and a constant work in progress. My favorite saying is: It's never too late to be who you might have become!-Author Unknown.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I really love this card, I'm not sure why the photo is not doing this one justice, I use a Nikkon D-80 for all of my photo's and usually that camera is quite the performer but this card is really prettier in person!

Another one that is MUCHJ prettier in person, I used Paper Glaze over top of the roses in her hand and that doesn't seem to show at all. I have also cleaned up the little bit of sticker glue on the top word that reads "My Friend"

She is SO ADORABLE, what a fun digi to color. This card turned out really beautiful!

I feel like I am being very repetitive in my wording but WHAT A FUN CARD TO MAKE! I really enjoyed this one! It is also MUCH prettier in person. This particular group of cards, I photographed outside and I think that's the difference in quality of photo.

This card my DH helped with and he suggested the Stickles on the table, I like it but it is my instinct to fill in the missing spots where he feels it looks more like wood. The card is really pretty though, but not one of my fav's.


  1. Oh Melinda...I REALLY REALLY love these cards!!! You can see how pretty they are but I bet you they are even more gorgeous in person!!!! GREAT job girl!!!

  2. FABULOUS new cards, Melinda!! They are WONDERFUL!! Really love the coffee cups one :O)

  3. Love your cards. They are all fantastic.
    Love the little girl sitting on the log.

  4. Beautiful cards! They are absolutely stunning! Thank you for downloading my freebies :)
    - Ann